Sonntag, 4. März 2012

Happenings that make life harder...

Well, I can start to tell everything here again. Why my arm is broken, why my life got so difficult now and why I could dance in Vanhat.
It was just a pretty normal Monday afternoon and I was on the way to town. I went to the bus stop but I couldn’t really make it till there. I was on the zebra crossing and then a car hit me. Crazy story I know that. I destroyed the front glass of the car; was rolling over the car. And flying! Police said to me I flew 22 meters. Full success, I would say…
But what do you think if you are lying in the snow when you got recently hit by a car. In my case, I thought that I am totally okay. I couldn’t feel any pain; I could move my arm, my legs my head… wait no. I just thought that I could move everything. I was looking to the left and when I thought… when it felt as if I would lift my left arm, it wasn’t moving at all. Just my hand moved. “Good damn shit”, I thought. I was 100% sure that my arm is broken. 2. thought after that: “Shit, you can’t do any sport anymore now” 3. thought: “Damn, you can’t do Vanhat anymore!” 4: “You have to call someone who can do Vanhat anymore” 5: “F***, but now I’ll have to go back to Germany again…” 6:”C’mon why does all the shit always happen to me?!”
But then a crowd was building up around me. People where talking to me: if I can hear them, if my head is okay, if I am okay, how I feel. I just answered: “Well, I am basically good, but I am so sure that my arm is broken. Hei but, can somebody go and find my phone? Please?! And I need someone to warm my left hand. I can’t do it on my own…” So they went to search my stuff, they warmed my hand, we actually had a very nice conversation about my exchange year, I know that this sounds so absurd… it was probably. Almost inappropriately if you thing that I was lying there in the snow waiting for the ambulance with my broken arm. And it continued totally absurd in my opinion. First on ambulance car was crossing, but this one was not for me… I already got a little bit upset. And when ambulance finally arrived they came to me, looked at me but they weren’t talking to me?! Just to the people around me. And to each other. “mh, I guess the arm is broken” “Really?” Me:” Yeah, hello, I would also say that it is broken. Can’t lift it. Look!!!” - Doing not-really-moves with my broken arm. I got just a little bit more upset when they told me to walk to the ambulance car. Just funny if you think that i got hit by a car, flew some meters and but then I was just walking to this stupid ambulance car. Of course I told them “I can walk. But someone needs to carry my arm. I can’t t do it on my one anymore SORRY!” Maybe I was a little bit pissed off. In ambulance car it continued with making me angry. I can understand that they had to cut my jacket to get to my arm but… still; They cut two of my jackets! I actually turned my head away because I didn’t want to see my destroyed arm, but then the ambulance people said: “Oh it’s not looking that bad!” I – surprised – was looking there and you couldn’t see anything! Just the arm was a little but big but… Nothing! Wow.
But so my trip to hospital continued. No, I won’ t say anything about how … the finnish health system is/seems to be, but my whole hospital visit was consisting of waiting. And in case that they said to me straight away: “Okei, you’ll go to Kotka with your arm!” I was waiting with my hostmom from 19.00 o’clock to 04.00 in the morning till the ambulance from Kotka came to pick me up. So I was going one hour in ambulance car to Kotka and in Kotka they put me in a pink hospital pyjama, cut before that some more of my clothes… but they were kind of nice because they allowed me to drink some juice. But not more, an operation was planned. Well, but in die End there was no operation. It was a little bit risky to operate because there were so many nerves they could have hit. So I got gypsum around my arm. Because the arm will be better if you let it heal itself.

… Now I just hope that I can already get rid of the gypsum next Friday. That’s my biggest wish at this moment.

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